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The New Club Steward introduces himself…


Hello everyone.
This is Garry writing, your new steward at the Cottingham Memorial Club.
Because of the strange times that we are living in, I would just like to make things a tad easier for you, on your return, by telling you a little about myself.
So here we go…
I was originally born in Hull, my father was a docker and my mother a barmaid and between them they brought up my brother and I.  After leaving school my working life started at the Hull City Council Parks Department and that is where I got the bug for gardening.  I moved on and drove coaches as well as running a business that organised trips and holidays, oh, and starting a family of my own.
Around nine years ago a change of direction took me into the pub trade, initially being a manager within the Sam Smith’s public houses chain, then two free houses after that, all based in Scarborough.  Over that period I, along with my partner Tina, achieved CAMRA Good Beer Guide (Real Ale) status, as well as Town Pub of the Year award, Beer and Garden and Flower Basket Awards. We established a good rapport with our clientele who followed us from pub to pub.
So why the move to Cottingham? Family have always been very important to us and most of the children we share between us are resident in the Hull and surrounding area and it was nice to seize the opportunity to move nearer to them. Running your own pub is a very time consuming and demanding job and taking on a club steward role does mean that I can pursue my loves of golf, cycling, snooker and visits to the gym, all of which have taken a back seat for the past nine years. The future looks good and now that I am actually in the club I am looking forward to spending it with you all, once the club re-opens.
Because of the lockdown I am very limited in what work is available to me and so for the moment I have made my garden the domain. The nice weather is certainly helping me to get stuck in. I have met most of the staff, (although exercising social distancing of course). I understand that the quiz nights are a big hit in the club, ( I am a great quiz fan myself), and the live entertainment evenings sound inviting. I am encouraged by the varied activities the club has to offer, the many snooker teams, the Golf Society and of course the obvious popularity of the kitchen.
All input and ideas are welcome and I am hoping to build on our strengths and take our club to a new level, hopefully increasing membership in the process, but not forgetting the values that so many members obviously hold dear. In this way I hope that we can overcome these present trying times and sustain stability for years to come. Obviously all proposals will still have to be ratified by the General Management Committee but I am looking forward to working with the Club’s management and rising to the challenge of building on the obvious solid foundations that have been laid over many years in the past.
Change may not always be acceptable to everyone but after the trauma of the Covid-19 outbreak I believe that we should all try to work as a productive team to generate a secure future.  I understand that this year sees the club’s one hundredth birthday. Here’s to the next hundred!
I look forward to meeting you all in the not too distant future.
Best wishes and please stay safe.
Garry Naylor

A pleasant lounge and bar area seating around 100 people…

Bar Opening Hours

Mon to Thur 11.30am to 11.30pm (11.00pm Bar Closes)
Fri & Sat 11.30am to 12.00 Midnight (11.30pm Bar Closes)
Sun 12.00 Noon to 11.30pm (11.00pm Bar Closes)

As at April 2019

Carling Black Label Lager £3.10 pint
Coors Light Lager £3.10 pint
John Smiths Smooth Bitter £3.10 pint
Worthington Smooth Bitter £2.70 pint
Guinness £3.50 pint
Weston’s Stowford Press Cider £3.10 pint
Black Sheep Bitter £2.05 pint
Guest Beers £3.15 pint

Wines (187cl Bottles) £3.30
Premium Draught Lager – Staropramen £3.50 pint (Coming Soon)
Kopparberg Bottled Ciders (500ml) £3.50
Magners Original Bottled Cider (568ml) £3.30
Gin Station Offers – Various Gins with free Mixer £3.50 Single or £4.75 Double

Whiskey, Gin & Vodka £2.20 Single / £3.70 Double

Other Wines, Spirits, Malts available

Bar and Lounge Photographs

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