COVID-19 Advice

Members will be aware of the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus.  The Cottingham Memorial Club is continuing to monitor the situation and have put in place a number of steps to protect members, staff and visitors.  In light of the current situation we have therefore taken the decision to cancel functions that involve a dense congregation of members.  With regret, this now includes an immediate suspension on quiz nights, artiste nights and diners’ nights. The local snooker leagues have also taken the decision to suspend the summer snooker activity.   Internal snooker afternoon league competition will also be suspended with immediate effect. Whilst we have not placed an immediate ban on playing snooker we are insisting on basic hygiene requirements before commencing play – Notices are placed within to explain this.

We want to try and keep the club open as long as possible to provide a service for those members who do want food or some social interaction as well as keeping staff paid. People have a choice of coming in or staying away.  We are in uncharted territory and developments are moving very fast. The GMC will continue to review the situation on a daily basis.  We will keep members aware of the situation via Club notices, website and mailshots.  Above all we ask you to stay safe and if you should show such symptoms to self-isolate.  Further government information can be seen below…

GMC 18th March 2020

GMC 2020-21

President P Hannan

Chairman I Turnbull
Vice Chairman J Milner
Secretary & Treasurer J Wilson
Assistant Secretary MJG Stroud

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ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING – Wednesday 26th February 2020 – 7.30pm Start