Join in November £45

Yearly Subscription Costs – Full Members £50 – Senior Members £25
Senior Membership Qualification based on length of service (If aged 65 and 20 years continuous membership or aged 70 and 10 years continuous membership).  Subscriptions are due on 1st October each year.

For further information contact:-
The Cottingham Memorial Club
Finkle Street
East Yorkshire
HU16 4DH


Dear Member

I am sure you will be aware, that the hospitality industry has been very badly hit during the Covid-19 Pandemic. In common with many other clubs, pubs and restaurants, the Cottingham Memorial Club has had upwards of 78 weeks of expenditure with only 39 weeks of income at the time of writing. This has put the finances of a huge number of businesses under great strain, our club is no exception. Prior to the pandemic the club had to spend in excess of £64,000 on repairing and renewing the stonework on our lovely Grade 2 listed building.

These two events have left the club with virtually no reserves. The Directors and GMC are working hard to ensure the club does not operate at a loss and that we are able to slowly rebuild our reserves once again. We have looked to cut costs wherever possible and are looking at all avenues to maximise income whilst providing the best service possible for our members.  To this end, we are working closely with our accountants to streamline and modernise the club’s financial management systems. We are looking at all contracts and seeing where we can improve the terms and conditions if at all possible.

The current officers and GMC members have waived the honoraria they would normally receive from the club in order to further help and support the club in this very difficult time.  In previous years members have been asked to make a voluntary contribution to the Fabric Fund to help maintain and improve our building. We feel it would be incorrect to ask for a similar contribution this year as our spending has been more-wide ranging than just the fabric of the building.

Instead, we are asking if you would be prepared to make a voluntary contribution to the club’s Reserve Account. Any contribution would be very gratefully received and would be used to build the club’s reserves. As part of our improved financial management systems, we would ask that any contributions be paid via bank transfer or over the bar in the club. This could be cash, cheque or a card payment. A receipt can then be given which can be kept for your own records. This method of payment is more secure than postal payments.

If you prefer to make a private donation instead of paying directly over the bar, this can be made via a bank transfer using the account details or by cheque ONLY in an envelope addressed to the Treasurer/Membership Secretary marked DONATION.

Thanking you in advance.

The General Management Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cottingham Memorial Club is a Social Members Club situated in the center of Cottingham, East Yorkshire. Members must be 18 years or older to join.

Who runs the Club?

The Club is run by a General Management Committee (GMC). They are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting (usually February each year).  The GMC consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, and an Assistant Secretary, plus a number of elected Committee Members.  A President is also elected who may attend meetings without voting rights.

The Club employs a Club Steward, assisted by a deputy to manage the day to day running of the Club.  The Steward is responsible for hiring Bar Staff.   The club operate a franchise for its Food and Dining arrangements via our caterer.

What are the club’s usual opening times?

The Club is open for the playing of snooker from 10.30am Mon to Sat and from 12noon on Sundays. 

The Bar is open from 11.30am until 11.30pm (Mon to Thur), 11.30am until 12.00 Midnight (Fri & Sat) and 12 Noon until 11.30pm (Sun).

Can my wife or partner use the Club?

A Members partner or wife/husband has automatic admission rights.  They are not deemed as members so cannot attend AGMs.  We encourage partners to visit the Club whenever they wish and consider joining in their own right.

What is the rule about Introduction of Guests?

Guests are most welcome.  All Guests must be signed in (by law) using the “Sign In” sheet on the main Bar.  The cost for signing in each Guest is £1, paid over the Bar.  This includes family members and friends. Guests can be signed in a maximum 12 times in any one calendar year. Regular guests should consider joining.

How do I access the Wi Fi?

The Club operate free “open access” WiFi for its Members and Guests.  Guidance for connecting personal devices can be found within via noticeboards or some of the laminated signs placed on tables in the lounge or bar.  There is a separate Bye Law for use of Mobile Devices within the Club (see below).

What is the rule about using mobile telephones in the club?

Mobile Phones or Devices can be used within the Club as long as they are placed on Silent mode or via headphones.  Members are respectively requested to take any mobile phone calls in the main Foyer or side entrance.  See Bye Law for further information.

What is the rule about parking?

Members can Park their Vehicles in the Club Car Park, access is granted via the Security Fob Key.  Whilst members are free to park their vehicles, it should be remembered the primary purpose is for those who may be using the Clubs facilities, i.e. Bar, dining or snooker etc…  At present there are no Car Parking Charges in Cottingham.  Members can gain entry to the Car Park from10.30am each morning with no restrictions on a weekend.

What is the dress code?

In general the dress code is smart-casual. (See Bye Law)

What nights are quiz nights?

Quiz Nights are held throughout the year, on the 2nd and 4Th Thursday of each month.  Each Quiz starts at 8.30pm, although as these are popular events, members are encouraged to arrive early to gain a seat.  The Quiz operates a general rota of Quiz Setters and those interested in assisting should seek out the organiser or quiz setter at one of the Quiz Nights.

What is the cost of quiz entry?

Entry is £1 per person and this includes a light supper.

Can Guests Take part in the Quiz?

We welcome Guests, although they should be signed in under the Guests sign in Rule.  Teams should consist of at least two members or their partners.

What nights do we have live music?

We have monthly Artiste Nights running from March through to December, with a break in August for holidays.  The dates are advertised on the Internal and External notice boards.  These usually commence at 9.00pm and include a raffle.

How do I gain entry to the Club (Fob Key)?

Swipe the Blue Fob Key against the small fob reader at either the Car Park Barrier Entry point or at the main entrances to the Club.  A buzzer will sound (at the door entry) and you can progress in.

What do I do if I have lost or damaged my Fob Key?

If you have lost or damaged your fob key, see a member of the bar staff and they will issue a new one in exchange for the non-working fob.  There is a charge of £4 for a lost fob key, payable over the Bar.  Any damaged or lost fob keys are then cancelled.

How can I have a frame of snooker?

There are five snooker tables and we operate two separate “waiting lists”.  One list covers the downstairs tables (1,2,3,4) and the other covers the upstairs (table 5).    A member can only add their name to one of the lists.

If there are no names on the list, and if a table is unoccupied, a member may commence play on the table, once the frame has been completed a person should then check the waiting list to see if anyone is awaiting to play, then call the name out from the microphone.  If no one else is waiting to play, then a person may continue.

Snooker Length of game/frame?

THE ONLY LIMIT IS – Game shall consist of 1 Frame, or a maximum number of 5 x 20 pence coins per game, whichever is shortest before then calling the next name of the list.  A person gets 6 minutes of light for each 20 pence used.

Can I store my Snooker Cue on site?

Members can store their Snooker Cues on site, however the cue and owner must be registered behind the bar.  See a member of the Bar staff to register the cue.  All cues are left at the Owners risk.

Can anyone repair or put tips on cues?

See the Main Snooker Notice. We have some members who will assist you if you need a new tip putting on your cue.

When are Snooker Team Match Nights?

Team match nights are on Monday and Wednesday. We also have occasional Cup Matches which may be played on a Tuesday or on occasions, a Thursday evening.

Are there any in-house Snooker Competitions

In house competitions are run throughout the year (Tuesdays).  See the Snooker Noticeboard for further information.  Players of all abilities are most welcome.

Can a Guest Play Snooker?

Yes as long as they are signed in and playing with a member.

What is the yearly subscription cost?

Subscriptions are £50 payable no later than 31st October each year.

Who can join the Club?

Anyone who has attained the age of 18 years, male or female.  Application forms are available in the main foyer.

When do you serve food?

Mon, Tue, Wed & Sat 11.45am to 2pm, and Thur/Fri 11.45am to 7pm and Sun 12Noon to 3pm (Children accompanied by adult 12Noon to 3pm Sundays if having a meal). We also serve food on our monthly Diners Night (Sat evenings).

Are Under 18s allowed in the Club?

Generally NO, with the exception of a Bye Law from 12Noon until 3pm on a Sunday for Dining (See Bye Law)

How can I play in the summer Golf Society outings?

Members and Guests can play in our Society outings, see Golf Society Noticeboards.

Can I play domino, cards or darts?

Domino Boards are available near the side entrance of the lounge, Dominos can be collected from behind the Bar.  Darts are also available to use from behind the Bar and a Dart Board is in the area adjacent to the viewing area, near Table 3.

How do I have a go on the Bonus Ball or Raffles?

We run a regular Bonus Ball (£1 a number) – Winner receives £40, rest goes to Club Funds.

We also have various Ad hoc raffles on Quiz or Artiste Nights and other Special Events.

What is the Web Address for the Club Website?

How do I contact the General Management Committee by email?

How can I contact the Caterer?

Julie Davies can be contacted by email at:-

Tel 07940 523828

The Club comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and CMC GDPR Privacy Policy.  We will not share or transfer your personal data to any other third parties.  See Link:-