GMC – History

AGM Wed 27th February 2019

Congratulations to John Lowther who has been elected as Life Vice President as recognition for service to the Club in Buildings and Snooker matters.  John expressed his gratitude to the membership for this award.  We also congratulate Pat Hannan who has been elected as the new Club President and offer our thanks to Brian Green who has retired from the Presidency after his two year term.  An updated General Management Committee list can be found on the main internal noticeboard.

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1988-1990 B Broddle
1990-1991 K Pearson
1991-1992 G J Dack
1992-1995 J Stimpson
1995-1996 G P Greenwood
1996-1998 B L Dunling
1998-2000 G J Dack
2000-2001 C R Brown
2001-2003 G L Twiddle
2003-2005 B V Spence
2005-2006 I Fuller
2006-2008 B Green
2008-2010 P Hannan
2010-2013 M J G Stroud
2013-2015 I Fuller
2015 G T Holborn
2015-2016 M J G Stroud
2016- G I Turnbull

1989-1993 R A Wetherell
1993-1995 J Fenny
1995-1997 D Blakey
1997-1999 W Rimer
1999-2001 G West
2001-2003 J Gardham
2003-2005 GJ Dack
2005-2007 B Broddle
2007-2008 J Blyth
2008-2011 B V Spence
2011-2014 M Siddle
2014-2017 K Pearson
2017-2019 B Green
2019- P Hannan

Honorary Life Vice President
2001 Malcolm Stroud
2001 Ray Brown
2001 Reg Grandidge
2003 Brian O’Connell
2004 Ray Brooke
2011 Brian Spence
2011 Graham Stroud
2013 Roy Brewer
2019 John Lowther

Past Club Secretary
Ray Brown, Malcolm Stroud, Rob Walker, Graham Stroud, Pat Tomlinson, John Wilson (current)

Past Club Assistant Secretary
Ray Brown, Basil Berry, Steve Lloyd, Martin Stroud, Peter Clark, Bryan Peaks, Ashley Colborn, Martin Stroud (current)

Past Club Treasurer
Peter Hobson, Gordon Ransom, Ray Brooke, Ashley Colborn, John Wilson (current)