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The Snooker Room re-flooring is now complete. Overall the project has progressed very well and the end result appears to be a very nice looking environment to play snooker.

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LATESTSee Snooker-Honours page for Past Champions Update

Snooker Handicap Singles K.O. 10 Reds Format – Tue 21st May 2019
Play Off Match J Lane (10) bt S Parsons (25)
Round 1
P Coates (-25) bt J Lane (10)
I McClelland (-10) bt D Davy (20)
B Green (15) bt M Baker (5)
P Barker (15) bt M Stroud (Scr)
A Thompson (5) bt R Norman (15)
C Hagues (20) bt J Lowther (5)
P Harland (-30) bt M Thompson (25)
J Barrett (20) bt B Wilson (10)
Quarter Finals
B Green (15) bt A Thompson (5)
P Coates (-25) bt I McClelland (-10)
P Harland (-30) bt P Barker (15)
C Hagues (20) bt J Barrett (20)
Semi Finals
P Coates (-25) bt C Hagues (20)
P Harland (-30) bt B Green (15)
P Coates (-25) bt P Harland (-30)
P Coates Break of 64(Clearance)

Club Championship Scratch Leagues 2019
Final League Positions
League A
Group Winner P Coates, Runner Up R Pearson
3rd J Lane, 4th J Lowther, Did Not Qualify (R Jones & A Thompson)

League B
Group Winner P Harland, Runner Up T Leathley
3rd M Stroud, 4th M Baker, Did Not Qualify (B Green & M Thompson)

Knock Out Stage
Play Off Matches
P1 – M Baker bt J Lane (Best of 3 Frames)
P2 – M Stroud bt J Lowther (Best of 3 Frames)
Quarter Finals
QF1 – R Pearson bt M Baker
QF2 – T Leathley bt M Stroud
Semi-Finals – To Be Arranged
P Harland bt R Pearson 2-0 (P Harland Breaks of 45,32 & 30)
T Leathley bt P Coates 2-0

Final – P Harland v T Leathley


P Harland bt T Leathley 2-1 (P Harland Breaks of 75 & 31 – T Leathley Break of 32)


Gordon West Memorial K.O. (Handicap)
Round 1 – Best of 3 Frames (Play by Fri 8 Feb)
Match 1 – A Thompson/M Thompson (20) lost to M Bell/M Baker (-5)
Match 2 – B Green/R Atkinson (20) lost to J Barrett/J Lane (20)

Quarter Finals – Best of 3 Frames (Play by Fri 15 Feb)
QF 1 – P Coates/T Leathley (-25) lost to M Bell/M Baker (-5)
QF 2 – I McClelland/R Jones (Scr) bt W Doherty/P Crane (35)
QF 3 – M Stroud/J Lowther (Scr) bt J Barrett/J Lane (20)
QF 4 – R Pearson/P Harland (-25) bt R Norman/P Barker (20)

*Semi-Finals below – A Dawson playing in place of M Bell..

Semi-Finals/Final – Best of 3 Frames (TBC)


Finalist above (left to right Paul Harland, Rhyl Jones, Ian McClelland & Ricky Pearson)
SF 1 – M Stroud/J Lowther (Scr) 0-2 R Pearson/P Harland (-25)
SF 2 – A Dawson/M Baker (Scr) 0-2 I McClelland/R Jones (Scr)
Final R Pearson/P Harland 2-1 I McClelland/R Jones (Scr)

In the semi-finals Ian McClelland made two 30 plus breaks and Paul Harland made a 49 Clearance break in the second frame.  Paul Harland made a 65 break in the deciding frame of the final

Afternoon Snooker Leagues (Handicap Singles) – Now in progress
Club Championship Leagues (Scratch Singles) – Now in progress

Results – Feb 4th – Snooker Singles Handicap 6 Reds
15 Players Entered
Group 1R Pearson (10) | P Coates (-15) J Lowther (5)
Group 2 B Green (15) | S Parsons (20) R Jones (10)
Group 3A Thompson (5) | S Lane (10) P Harland (-25)
Group 4A Dawson (-5) | M Thompson (20) M Stroud (Scr)
Group 5 T Leathley (-15) | J Lane (10) M Baker (5)

Play Off Game – A Dawson (-5) bt R Pearson (-10)
Semi-Final – B Green (15) bt A Dawson (-5)
Semi-Final – T Leathley (-15) bt A Thompson (5)
Final – B Green (15) bt T Leathley (-15)

Winner Brian Green

See Main Snooker Noticeboard for further info…

Jan 8th 2019 Cottingham Memorial Club Pairs Tournament
League Format

M Stroud & A Thompson 2-2 R Pearson & J Lowther
P Harland & D Ryley 4-0 M Baker & R Jones
M Stroud & A Thompson 3-1 M Baker & R Jones
P Harland & D Ryley 3-1 R Pearson & J Lowther
M Baker & R Jones 1-3 R Pearson & J Lowther
P Harland & D Ryley 3-1 M Stroud & A Thompson

Play Off Match – 1 Leg 301 Doubles
R Pearson & J Lowther bt M Stroud & A Thompson

Final (Best of 7 Legs)
P Harland & D Ryley 4-3 R Pearson & J Lowther

Oct Handicap Singles 2018 – Winner – P Harland bt C Hagues
Nov Doubles Handicap 2018 – Winners – M Stroud/R Norman bt A Thompson/J Barrett
Dec Doubles Scratch 2018 – Winners – P Harland/B Green bt M Stroud/P Wall

We currently have four Summer snooker teams, two playing in the Malcolm Acaster Snooker League (Monday Evenings) and two other teams  (B and E Team) who play in the East Yorkshire Snooker League (Wednesday Evenings). Fixture Sheets can be seen on the internal noticeboard adjacent to the viewing area near Table 3.

Snooker Leagues Malcolm Acaster Snooker League (Monday) & East Yorkshire Snooker League (Wednesday).  See Links to their sites below…


Tue 8th Jan – Darts Winter Pairs League 8pm Prompt Start
Jan, Feb & Mar – Snooker Afternoon Singles Handicap Leagues (played over 8-10 weeks)
Mon 4th Feb – Snooker Singles Handicap Tournament 7.45pm Prompt Start
Jan, Feb & Mar – Snooker Gordon West Memorial – Doubles Handicap K.O.
Jan, Feb & Mar – Snooker Club Championship Singles Scratch Leagu

May – Snooker Summer Order of Merit Singles Handicap Tournament
June – Snooker Summer Afternoon Singles Handicap K.O.

Sep – Snooker Singles Scratch Tournament – Date TBC
Oct, Nov & Dec – Snooker Afternoon Winter Singles Handicap Leagues (played over 8-10 weeks)
Nov – Snooker Doubles Handicap Tournament – Date TBC
Dec – Snooker Doubles Scratch Tournament – Alternate Shots Christmas Special Six Red Challenge – Date TBC

For Entry – See Main Snooker Noticeboard in Club Foyer


East Yorkshire Snooker League Awards Night 2014 (Winter 2013-14 Season)

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