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Recent Competition Results

Afternoon Leagues – Spring 2020
The league stage has now come to an end and we have our qualifiers for the knock-Out Stage. When this competition resumes will depend on when the Club re-opens. We did have a minor issue with two fixtures missing from the sheet, however these two matches would not have made a difference to the top three positions in that league so a simple play off match will be played as shown.

Knock Out Stage
Play Off Matches 1 Frame
Eliminator Match B Wilson (12) v M Thompson (39)
Play Off 1 S Saxby (39) v Winner Eliminator Match
Play Off 2 W Doherty (27) v S Parsons (39)

Quarter Finals 1 Frame
QF1 R Jones (12) v P Barker (21)
QF2 R Norman (24) v Winner of Play Off Match 1
QF3 G Kettlewell (30) v D Ryley (-9)
QF4 T Hurren (21) v Winner of Play Off Match 2

Semi Finals Best of 3 Frames
SF1 Winner QF1 v Winner QF2
SF2 Winner QF3 v Winner QF4

Final Best of 3 Frames
Winner SF1 v Winner SF2

League A Final Positions 
R Norman (24) 10-4 +146
G Kettlewell (30) 10-4 +139
R Jones (12) 10-4 +119
W Doherty (27) 10-4 +72
S Parsons (39) 5-9 -54
J Barrett (27) 5-9 -59
B Green (21) 5-9 -116
I Rusling (18) 1-13 —

League B Final Positions
T Hurren (21) 11-1 —
P Barker (21) 8-4 +198
D Ryley (-9) 8-4 -1
S Saxby (39) 5-7 —
M Thompson (39) 4-6 —
B Wilson (12) 3-7 —
C Hagues (27) 1-11 —
D Davy (30) (withdrew)

Snooker Doubles Handicap 2020 (Event played Feb 2020)
Round 1 (1 Frame)
M Stroud/R Norman (13) bt A Thompson/J Barrett (15)
J Lowther/C Hagues (18) bt R Pearson/D Davy (8)
M Baker/P Barker (15) bt B Wilson/S Parsons (18)
Round 1 Play Off & Lucky Loser Round
P Harland/J Barrett (Scr) bt A Thompson/D Davy (18)

Semi Finals (1 Frame)
M Stroud/R Norman (13) bt J Lowther/C Hagues (18)
P Harland/J Barrett (Scr) bt M Baker/P Barker (15)

Final (1 Frame)
P Harland/J Barrett (Scr) bt M Stroud/R Norman (13)


Winners of Doubles Handicap – Paul Harland and John Barrett proving that being 80 years of age is no barrier to success.  Well Done Paul and John.

Darts Winter Pairs Results 2020 (Event played Jan 2020)
Group Stage Matches (Best of 4 Legs – If 2-2 Decider Leg played)
D Ryley/J Lowther 1-3 P Harland/A Thompson
R Pearson/R Jones 4-0 M Stroud/M Baker
D Ryley/J Lowther 0-4 R Pearson/R Jones
M Stroud/M Baker 3-1 P Harland/A Thompson
M Stroud/M Baker 3-1 D Ryley/J Lowther
R Pearson/R Jones 3-2 P Harland/A Thompson

Final (Best of 7 Legs)
R Pearson/R Jones 4-3 M Stroud/M Baker

Snooker Scratch Knock-Out 2019 Results (Event played Jan 2020)
Round 1 (1 Frame)
P Harland bt N Bainbridge
T Leathley bt M Green
J Lane bt A Dawson
A Thompson bt J Lowther
M Stroud bt J Barrett
P Coates bt B Wilson
A Gillyon bt M Baker
K Dykes v BYE to Round 2

Round 2 (1 Frame)
J Lane bt A Gillyon
M Stroud bt A Thompson
P Harland bt T Leathley
P Coates bt K Dykes

Semi-Finals (1 Frame)
M Stroud bt J Lane
P Harland bt P Coates

Final (1 Frame)
P Harland bt M Stroud

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