Upcoming Competitions 2017
June & July – Afternoon Handicap Singles Knock Out – Played over two months – all matches afternoon only 2pm to 5pm 

Wed 26th July – Singles Handicap Super 6 Red Ball Tournament – 7.45pm Start

Wed 21st June – Singles Handicap Super 6 Red Ball Tournament

P Coates (-9) bt B Wilson (6)
Semi – Finals
P Coates (-9) bt M Stroud (-3)
B Wilson (6) bt M Baker (3)
Quarter Finals
M Stroud (-3) bt A Thompson (0)
P Coates (-9) bt S Saxby (24)
M Baker (3) bt C Hagues (21)
B Wilson (6) bt B Green (12)

Play Off Match
M Stroud (-3) bt J Carver (12)

Wed 31st May – Singles Scratch Super 6 Red Ball Tournament
A Thompson bt R Pearson

R Pearson bt M Stroud
A Thompson bt J Lowther

R Pearson bt M Baker
J Lowther bt K Booth
*Players not qualifying for K.O. Stage – B Wilson, M Thompson, J Carver & B Green

Afternoon Singles Handicap Leagues
G Kettlewell bt I Rusling 2-0

Singles Scratch Club Championship (All Matches Best of 3 Frames)
T Leathley bt P Coates 2-0

T Leathley bt M Stroud 2-0
P Coates bt M Baker 2-0

Quarter Final Matches
M Stroud bt R Jones
T Leathley bt D Ryley
P Coates by M Bell
M Baker bt B Green

Round 1 Matches
M Stroud bt A Thompson
R Jones bt M Thompson
T Leathley bt J Lowther
B Green bt S Parsons
D Ryley bt B Wilson
R Pearson lost to P Coates
M Bell bt I McClelland
M Baker bt P Baker

Quarter Final Matches Best of 3 Frames – Random Draw

M Stroud, R Jones, T Leathley, B Green, D Ryley, M Bell…

Further information to follow…

Snooker Photographs

East Yorkshire Snooker League Awards Night 2014 (Winter 2013-14 Season)

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